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Web Design

Working with you to create a complete digital strategy, we are able to create a design that is specially designed with your users in mind. Utilizing the vast WordPress systems, we are able to choose or develop plugins that fit the exact needs of your website.

WordPress Development

Have any existing WordPress site and need custom development? Perhaps you need a theme or plugin customized or need new ones developed. We can take care of these tasks for you.

WordPress Maintenance

Our maintenance services includes keeping WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date. We ensure the site is secure with around the clock security monitoring. We keep off-site backups in case the site needs to be restored and will restore it for you if needed. We can optimize your WordPress site to make it faster and optimize your SEO to help you get found.

With years of WordPress experience specializing in plugin and theme customization, we are the WordPress developers you can count on to deliver reliable and scalable solutions.

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Themes: Finding And Choosing The Right One

Once you get your website installed and begin working on it, there will come a time when you need to go find your perfect theme. But, where do you look for themes? Additionally, how do you know if the…

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Developing Your First Plugin

Once you have your WordPress site running, there may come a time when you want to add new functionality to it. Luckily, WordPress has a built in plugin system to allow you to add all kinds of capabili…

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Writing Your Plugin’s Readme

If you are just getting into WordPress development, then you may be writing your first plugin soon. Plugins are a great way to extend out WordPress. Once you finish, you may decide to release it for o…

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